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Top 41 cele mai ciudate cladiri din lume

 Arhitectura este printre domeniile care sufera cele mai multe modificari si ne aduce lucruri cu totul unice.
Va prezint un top al celor mai surprinzatoare 40 cladiri din lume, cladiri la care inginerii au adus inovatii dintre cele mai ciudate. Ultima este din tara noastra.  Continue reading

Review of foto and video performance of LG G3 (English review)

I had tested a LG G3 to see the video and foto performances of this device, in realy hard condition, I mean that the ambiental light were really bad, it was 22.00 o`clock and the place also was not good – the 7th floor of a building, but surprisingly the LG`s engineers did a good job when they made this amazingly device.
Let`s talk about the video and photo characteristics of it: Continue reading